6 key differentiator

Economies of Scale

● Focus on economies of scale, we perform 10x better than anyone else

● Room Allocation based on Gender, Ethnic, Country, etc

● Owner don’t need to worry tenant profile or screening

● Maintenance & Cleaner standby


Security & Safety Scheme

● We enhance the building by setting up a 4 Star Quality concierge in each building.

Transform the building into a true full fledge service residential property.

● New Check In Kiosk & Guest Registration experience

Advertising Method

● Advertising on every offline marketings.

    Exp: hair saloon, restaurant, café  
    surrounding UCSI

● Agent partnership

● Booking website

● Banner and leaflet in targeted offline spaces

● UCSI Partnership

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Hope of investor concept

Revenue Maximization

Dynamic Pricing

● Pricing based on Market Supply & Demand

● Higher Occupancy Rate = Higher Rental per Room

No-Frill Stay Concept

● Pax Based Pricing Model

● Housekeeping, Event Space, etc

● Smart Circuit Breaker – Measuring & Stop Electricity

No more agent fees

● We will absorb the expensive agent fees for you

● Property will be well taken care 24/7

● No more headache of chasing rental


M.R.O Rental Strategy

● Traditional the owner / operator can only choose one platform to market which is either short term rental or long-term rental

● Today we penetrate to all 4-Rental Option through our wide channels of agent, network and platforms.

● Giving us maximum occupancy regardless of the number of unit we have.

We Provide the Best Property ROI for you

Our Value is you Return of Investment